About Us

EC Workplace was launched by Nick Church in 2021, following over 20 years working in a variety of workplace relations roles, including for employers, unions and as a management consultant.

EC Workplace specialises in providing early childhood services comprehensive support in all areas of industrial relations, human resources and management responsibilities.

We are proud to have a team of associates and strategic partners committed to supporting the early childhood sector and we look forward to supporting your service. Our associates have a range of experience across IR, HR and early childhood. We are also proud to have Consultancy Partners in the fields of early years, safeguarding obligations and workplace law.

Nick Church - Director

Nick Church

Nick Church is an established industrial relations practitioner, with over 25 years’ experience in a variety of advisory and advocacy roles, as well as holding formal qualifications with a Masters of Work and Employment Relations.

Nick is committed to a professional, pragmatic and ethical approach to industrial relations’ issues and processes. This is driven by his extensive experience working for both employers and trade unions across a variety of industries.

Since 2019 Nick has provided ongoing industrial relations support to ELAA and its members, ranging from day to day assistance with complex industrial relations matters.

EC Workplace associates

EC Workplace engages the services of qualified and experienced consultants in the areas of early childhood industrial relations and human resource management.

We understand the crucial contribution of early childhood to a child’s development.

We also understand the importance of a highly professional and team-oriented early childhood workplace.

Our team of associates is available to work with your service in relation to IR and HR issues.